Monday, 2 November 2015

Just added

I have added the first miniatures to the shop. After reading Jeremy Richardson's excellent contribution to Wargames Illustrated 335, I took the plunge and purchased some 3mm Cold War Soviets and British by Oddzial Osmy. I already do the Cold War in 12mm and 20mm, so didn't really need another scale for the period - but 3mm is very small, so it can't hurt! Whilst I don't like the fact that the O8 infantry and vehicles don't match size-wise, they are splendid little miniatures, offering both affordability and the prospect of quickly painting a battalion at 1:1. Soviets are now in the shop and the British should be making an appearance over the next month or so.

I have also added WWII DAK tanks by GHQ. The level of detail on these 1:285 vehicles is legendary and they are a delight to paint. I will be adding more options for the Germans, including infantry, and the British will appear soonish.


  1. Is it a wash that helps to pick out the detail so well? If so is it commercially available or something you concocted?

  2. Hi Bill,

    I used the AK Interactive Wash for DAK vehicles, so yes, commercially available. Don't know if you've ever used their products before, but the wash is enamel. You apply it, let it dry a little, then used white spirits to remove any excess. I was worried it was a little too dark for the vehicles.

    Kind regards