Thursday, 12 November 2015

Just added (1)

Recently I've been watching The Walking Dead from the first series onwards. As a result, I just had to paint some of the plastic zombies from the Zombicide game and I've now added them to 'Shop: others'. The figures are packed with character and they were enjoyable to paint. I decided to only use The Army Painter paints from their Zombie and Survivor sets, going for a 'quick and dirty' look. I've never used their paints before. Unfortunately they came out of the bottle very thick - with the exception of the Dead Black and Machine Gun Metal - and offered poor coverage. More positively, their washes were of an ideal consistency.

I've also added to the shop my first attempt at the metal Concord and Algoryn Troopers from the recently released Beyond the Gates of Antares. Really like the miniatures for these two races, although moulds lines were both harsh and tricky to get rid of. I'm yet to get hold of the plastic Concord Troopers released in the box set, but it will be interesting to see how they compare to the metal castings.

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