Friday, 15 January 2016

Time flies!

It's been a long time since I last blogged. Christmas, New Year, and having to paint lots of zombies for customers have kept me away. I'll try harder to ensure more regular posts. Talking of zombies, I received Zombicide: Black Plague a few weeks ago from last year's Kickstarter. I've only briefly looked into the box, but my first impression of the miniatures was positive. Detail looks sharper than with previous Zombicide games and the survivors are an interesting-looking bunch:

I can imagine both survivors and zombies being widely used for other game systems. They are relatively cheap and probably paint up very nicely. Please let me know if you're interested in purchasing some of these painted miniatures.

This new year has started as last year's ended - with my best laid plans not surviving 'first-contact-with-new-shiny-toys', that well known phenomenon which has baffled many generations of psychologists. Some months ago I did an excel spreadsheet populated with the periods and rules I'm interested in gaming (no sniggering please!). I said to myself that this spreadsheet shows the totality of my hobby and that any new entries would see me burn in hell as a weakling succumbing to temptation. Then along came the second Forged in Battle War and Empire Kickstarter. I confess to never being a big fan of ancients and I hadn't gone in for their first Kickstarter. However, this time around their lovely 15mm miniatures caught my eye and my mind turned to collecting and gaming Rome's War with the Dacians:

Needless to say, I signed-up for the Kickstarter. The War and Empire Beta rules look excellent, although its going to be a tough choice between this system, Sword and Spear, and Simon MacDowall's Civites Bellantes.

No doubt this month will bring along fresh temptation. I'm especially excited by the expected launch of Polyversal, a 6mm sci-fi mass combat game using miniatures from a number of established manufacturers:

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